Saturday, April 23, 2011

Taus Are Cows!

Okay. :) As I started my second year of college, I contemplated "going Greek," and I decided to join a sorority, but not just any sorority, Tau Beta Sigma, the National Honorary Band Sorority, was my choice. I am now part of an elite group of sisters.

As one of the new sisters of Tau Beta, we need
ed a group project. Being the inherited-crafty person I am, I collaborated with my mom to come up with an extraordinary idea, so our pledge class to create something memorable and unique. Together, we decided bracelets would be perfect! We created a design, found charms and agreed we could make it into a fun and personal project for all the sisters which has not been done before. :)

Last night us "newbies" got together and created our bracelets, inserting our personalities, and having a great time. Now, we can't wait to get together with our older sisters to help them create their bracelets and have even more fun and bonding and getting to know each other better!
WSU is our school initials, TBΣ is the sorority initials. The cow in the center represents our chapter's mascot. We are Alpha Mu (or as we like to say Alpha Mooo). The letter charms I found out Two Purple Pandas, and the cow charms I found at DCBCrafts.

I hope y'all like these are much as I do and as much as my sisters do!

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  1. What a treasure for you and your "sisters" WOW not only something they can never get anywhere else, but the time all of you will share creating them and the memories you will have will be priceless! Another great way to share your "crafty" side too! Awesome job!